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15+Types Of Agriculture In India {Complete List Covered In Detail}

Types Of Agriculture In India
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Types Of Agriculture In India, We covered all Agriculture Types. Different types of agricultural practices. Let’s check Types Of modern methods of agriculture in India.


  • Irrigation FarmingIrrigation is the farming method in which a controlled amount of water is supplied to plants at regular intervals for agriculture. Mainly irrigation achieved by automatically rotating the sprinkler pipe/boom. The actual purpose of irrigation farming is to save water & increase efficiency.
  • Shifting CultivationShifting cultivation is an agricultural system in which plots/piece of land are cultivated temporarily, then abandoned & allowed to revert to their natural vegetation while the cultivator moves on to another plot. In other words, we can say “Farming where people make temporary clearings in the forest to grow food.”
  • Commercial Agriculture: Commercial agriculture is the farming where the main intention is to produce crops for sale. In this agriculture, Major Crops In India are wheat, sugarcane, banana, cotton, maize, tea, coffee, cashew, rubber. (Crops Are Grown For Commercial Use Only)
  • Ley Farmingley farming is used as a way to restore soil fertility. This farming is a system in which grasses and legumes are cultivated in proper rotation for hay, silage, and pasture to meet maximum livestock.
  • Plantation FarmingPlantation agriculture is a form of commercial farming. Why?  Because in this crops are grown for profit. For Plantation agriculture, large land areas are needed. Plantation farming requires a large amount of labour.
  • Crop RotationCrop rotation is to help manage organic soil fertility & also to help avoid or reduce problems with soil-borne diseases & some soil-dwelling insects, such as corn rootworms. Mainly, Crop Rotation means growing different types of crops in the same area over a sequence of seasons.
  • Dairy FarmingDairy farming is a type of agriculture for the long-term production of milk. Using this milk many dairy products get produced for sale. The most common dairy farming animals are cows and goats.
  • Co-operative FarmingCooperative farming is an organization of farmers. Where is each member-farmer remains the owner of his land individually, but farming is done jointly. And the profit generated get distributed among the member-farmers in the ratio of land owned by them.
  • Dry Land Farming: Agricultural for the Non-Irrigated cultivation of crops.  This dry area gets characterized by a cool wet season followed by a warm dry season. Scientific management of soil & crops under dry lands without irrigation is called dry land agriculture.
  • Wetland Farming: Wetland Farming provide a range of valuable ecosystem services, such as the provision of food & clean water, the retention of soil & the cycling of nutrients.
  • Intensive Agriculture:  It’s an agriculture production system of cultivation using large amounts of labour & capital relative to land area. This is characterized by the high inputs of capital, labour, and fertilizers. (Farming that uses a lot of labour, machinery, chemicals, etc.)
  • Extensive Agriculture: It’s an agricultural production system that uses small inputs of labor, fertilizers, and capital relative to the land area being farmed.
  • Subsistence Farming: Subsistence agriculture is self-sufficiency farming in which the farmers focus on growing amount of food to feed themselves & their families. (Grows Only Enough To Feed Farmer Family)
  • Mixed Farming: Mixed Farming is the agriculture practice which includes many types of agriculture together on a single farm. This includes mainly crop production, dairy farming, growing of food and etc.
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Above are the Types Of Agriculture In India, We try here to give the basic idea about different Types Of Agriculture In India. If you want to share more on this topic you may share through comment.

15+Types Of Agriculture In India {Complete List Covered In Detail}

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