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Bsc Agriculture Syllabus : Agriculture Courses & All Semester Syllabus

Bsc Agriculture Syllabus

BSc Agriculture Syllabus & Agriculture Courses of all semesters. Check Out BSc Agriculture Syllabus 2016. Here you get all Courses and Syllabus detail.

We here covered all BSc Agriculture Syllabus with the chapter it included.

Some of them are available in downloadable PDF format.

This BSc Agriculture Syllabus is in detail syllabus which will help all student to keep track on their study with such well-managed agriculture study material.

You can download this Agriculture Syllabus in PDF format to used it in your smartphone as well, which will be very handy. Click on links to get syllabus in pdf format

BSc Agriculture Syllabus


Course List:

AGRO101 – Principles of Agronomy and Agricultural MeteorologyHORT181 – Production technology of fruit crops
AGRO102 – Introductory AgricultureHORT281 – Production technology of Vegetables and flowers
AGRO103 – Water management including micro irrigationHORT282 – Production tech. of Spices, Aromatic, Medicinal &Plantation crops
AGRO202 – Practical crop production I & IIHORT381 – Post Harvest Management and Value Addition of Fruits &Vegetables
AGRO301 – Field Crops ISoil Science & Agricultural Chemistry
AGRO302 – Field Crops IISSAC121 – Introduction to Soil Science
AGRO303 – Field Crops IIISSAC122 – Soil Chemistry, Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management
AGRO304 – Weed ManagementSSAC222 – Manures, Fertilizers and Agrochemicals
ENTO231 – Insect Morphology and SystamaticsPATH171 – Plant Pathogens and Principles of Plant Pathology
ENTO232 – Insect Ecology & IPM including beneficial insectsPATH172 – Introductory Nematology
ENTO331 – Crop Pests and Stored Grain Pests  and their  ManagementPATH272 – Disease of Field Crop and their Management
Plant Breeding and GeneticsPATH371 – Disease of Horticultural crops and their management
GPBR111 – Principles of GeneticsAgricultural Engineering
GPBR112 – Principles of Seed TechnologyAENG151 – Fundamentals of soil water conservation and engineering
GPBR211 – Principles of Plant BreedingAENG252 – Protected cultivation and Post Harvest Technology
GPBR212 – Breeding of Field and  Horticultural cropsAENG352 – Renewable Energy
GPBR311 – Principles of Plant BiotechnologyFMP211 – Farm Power and Machinery
AECO141 – Principles of Agricultural EconomicsAEXT191 – Dimensions of Agricultural Extension
AECO241 – Agricultural Finance and CooperationAEXT391 – Fundamentals of Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology
AECO242 – Agricultural Marketing, Trade and PricesAEXT392 – Extension Methodologies For Transfer of Agricultural Technology
AECO341 – Fundamentals of AgriBusiness Management
AECO342 – Production Economics & Farm management
ARM402 – Entrepreneurship Development
MicrobiologyBio Chemistry
AMBE101 – Agricultural MicrobiologyBIC101 – Fundamentals of Biochemistry
PPHY261 – Crop Physiology
Mathematics, Statistics & ComputerscienceSupporting Courses
STAM101 – StatisticsLPM201 – Livestock Production and Management
STAM102 – Introduction to computer ApplicationsFRST201 – Social and Farm Forestry
STAM103 – Applied MathematicsENVS302 – Environmental Science
ENGL101 – Comprehension and developing communication skills in English
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Above will be the detailed Bsc Agriculture Syllabus. I hope it will help many.

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